DCP Submission Requirements

Professionally Created DCP

If you already have or plan on making a DCP, please insure they adhere to all of the following parameters to insure playback with Digital Cinema Projection systems.

The exhibition systems in use at this festival are known to be incompatible with DCPs made using the Quvis Wraptor Plugin for Adobe products. DCPs found to be created using this software will be summarily rejected.


  • If you are having to ask questions about the following, you should have a professional DCP service create a DCP for you. 
  • Download links will not be accepted unless provided by a professional DCP creation facility.
  • DCPs must be received by the festival within seven days of the start of the festival (not your screening).
  • Never zip/compress a DCP package (these will be summarily rejected).

Fill out the required form below.

  • Cut and paste your DCP link in the form

  • Or, upload to our server,

  • Or, email the link to media AT digitaldcpla.com

Required Form

Please select a valid form

Upload your DCP

We will accept professionally made DCP packages without validation.  If your DCP package was NOT made by a professional DCP service a $40 validation service fee is required.

Upload your DCP here.

For self-made DCPs the Validation Service Fee is Here.


Mailing your DCP

Digital DCP does not accept any physical media. If sending physical media, please send directly to the festival.

DCP Mailing Address:

Send the festival professionally made DCPs on USB Hard Drives (not thumb drives) or theatre-ready CRU drives. Supplied DCPs MUST meet the specifications outlined in the “DCP Requirements” tab.

  • REQUIRED: You can submit a Linux Ext3 or Ext2 hard drive with your DCP directly to the festival (not us).

6080 Center Drive 6th Floor
Los Angeles, California 90045
United States

DCP Links

DCPs Being Sent by Downloadable Link:

Only Professionally Made DCPs Will be Accepted via Download.

Send us link via the form on this page or email us the link at media AT digitaldcpla.com

  • Downloading and validating DCPs is time consuming so please make sure you are sending us a DCP package that was professionally made.
  • We cannot accept DCPs for download for partner festivals if they are not labeled correctly with the proper naming convention or if they appear to have not been professionally made.
  • Please read the DCP requirements tab.
  • Wraptor DCPs, DCPs that do not follow proper DCI naming conventions

DCP Requirements

DCPs that do not adhere to the following guidelines WILL NOT be accepted.

We cannot accept Adobe Premiere Wraptor DCPs — these will be rejected by most theaters and they are not valid Digital Cinema Packages.

DCPs that do not follow DCI naming conventions will be rejected. Your DCP must be DCI compliant. You can find out more about DCI standards here. Professional DCP houses will do this for you.

All DCPs MUST be received within seven days of the festival start (not your screening day, but the actual start of the festival); otherwise we will not have time to properly curate your DCP.


  • Acceptable Frame Rates:
    • InterOp DCPs – 24 FPS only
    • SMPTE DCPs – 24, 25, 30 FPS
  • All presentations must fit inside an acceptable container size
    • For 2K FLAT content – 1920×1080, 1998×1080, 2048×1080
    • For 2K SCOPE content – 2048×858
    • For 4K FLAT content – 3840×2160, 3996×2160, 4096×2160
    • For 4K SCOPE content – 4096×1716
  • DCPs must be formatted to DCI XYZ’ color space
  • Maximum bit-rate: 250Mbps
  • No 3D, HFR, or High Bit Rate content please


  • 2.0 Stereo and 5.1 mixes only
  • 24 bits – 48kHz Linear PCM audio
  • Multichannel mixes must use standard SMPTE channel assignments (L/R/C/LFE/Ls/Rs)
  • Matrixed stereo mixes (LtRt, Dolby E, etc.) will NOT be decoded to multichannel


  • In most cases for festival, subtitles should be burned in to the video.
  • All non-English DCPs must be accompanied by Open English subtitles (No Closed Subs/Captions)
  • For DCPs without burned-in subtitles, please supply subtitles as Supplemental DCP with DCI compliant CineCanvas XML or PNG formatting
  • Supplemental DCPs (VF) should be delivered on same drive as the Original Version (OV)
  • All Subtitles should be rendered within title safe area to avoid clipping

Drive Formatting

  • All Drives should be formatted with and MBR Partition to Linux EXT2/3 with INODE SIZE: 128 bits
  • Please test your DCP drive in a digital cinema server prior to submission!

Naming Convention