Film Festival Partnerships

How it works! 

If your festival takes place in a real theater, then a digital cinema package, a DCP, is required to bring each movie to the silver screen.

That’s where we come in. We work with theaters and festivals to ensure a smooth a seamless theatrical experience for festivals and filmmakers.

Streamline Your Assets

The thought of receiving, delivering, and curating movies for theatrical playback, can be a bit mind-numbing, but we’ve been doing this for many years, specializing in festivals showing more than 300 movies.

We guarantee all DCPs we create and we can help mitigate any potential issues with filmmaker-provided DCPS when you team up with DigitalDCP to be your DCP Curation Partner.

What we do for you:

  • This is a free service provided to the festival;
  • We will deliver a theater-ready CRU drive to the festival theater with all of the provided DCPs 10-days before the festival;
  • We curate the filmmaker-provided DCPs (Filmmakers are charged $40 for a short and $50 for a feature if they would like us to deliver their DCP);
  • We provide a low-cost DCP creation service for filmmakers in need of having a DCP made;
  • We provide filmmakers with a guideline for their DCPs;
  • We work directly with the theater projectionists and filmmakers;
  • We set up a filmmaker information landing page where filmmakers fill out forms sent directly to you (and us) to help with administrative aspects of your fest;
  • We can even help with your email marketing to promote DigitalDCP as your DCP curation service provider;
  • We help streamline your festival helping you to have a smooth-running event.

What you do for us:

  • Let filmmakers know we are your festival’s partner DCP service;
  • Include our website and DCP guidelines in an email to all participating filmmakers;
  • Arrange with the theater to ingest the DCPs on delivery to check for any filmmaker-provided DCP compatibility issues;
  • Return our CRU drive (we will include packaging info; you are not charged).

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t curate or deliver DCPs from filmmakers electing not to participate in our service;
  • We do not accept physical media such as hard drives from filmmakers

It’s a Big Festival! Sounds Like a Job for DigitalDCP!

Big festival? No problem.

Mid-Sized Fest? We’ve got you covered!

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Smaller festival? No problem.

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We can also provide the following:

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